Was Krpač the witness why Janeva wanted jurisdiction in witness protection?


The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office announced today that Kosta Krpač who yesterday was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the chest, was a witness in one of the pre-investigative procedures that was lead by the SPO.

The SPO said he voluntarily became a witness and cooperation with him was superb.

“This Public Prosecutor’s Office has evidence of very relevant circumstances, including the pressure Kosta Krpač was under, but given that it is highly confidential information, they will not be presented to the public at this point in time. Of course, if the need arises, our doors are open for cooperation with law enforcement authorities investigating the death of Mr Krpač “, reads the letter from the Office of Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva.

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office earlier this year asked Parliament to adopt amendments to the Law on Witness Protection to allow the SPO to submit and request protection for certain witnesses.

Janeva last sent this initiative to Parliament on April 1, six days before the dissolution of Parliament, due to early parliamentary elections.

“We want to inform the public, that today, from the side of this Prosecutor’s Office to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, an initiative was submitted for the adoption of the Law amending and supplementing the Law on Witness Protection, which comes from the need for regulation of the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution concerning to crimes related and which arise from the content of the illegal interception of communications in the procedure for witness protection, and is aimed at eliminating the possibility of placing numerous obstacles in the way of this Public Prosecutor’s office, “it was stated in the announcement by the SPO on April the 1st.

But this initiative, as previous ones, as pointed out by the SPO, was ignored by Parliament and the changes were not on the agenda, or before the relevant committees, not even in a plenary session.

Kosta Krpač is one of 56 people who were granted pardons by President Gjorge Ivanov.

But the Special Prosecutor’s Office today said that the SPO had not filed criminal proceedings against Mr Krpač.

“What is unclear to us, is the decision of the President of the Republic of Macedonia to pardon this person in particular, so we are still awaiting for a response from the request we submitted about where the President of the Republic of Macedonia recieved his data and information that alleges that this person has criminal charges against him”, said the SPO

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