“I am sorry for the incident that occurred yesterday in Bitola involving a former MP of the SDSM. However, also at the table was the former Mayor and a former Chief of UBK (Security and Counter-Intelligence Agency). I do not want to speculate, I don’t want to put anything into a political connotation, because he makes moves exclusively in the interests of politics, even making moves against the Republic of Macedonia “, said today in Bitola Oliver Spasovski, the Interior Minister.

“I am staying in the Ministry of Interior to investigate this case and want to remind everyone that this shouldn’t happen to anyone, whether an ordinary citizen or an official. Everyone should feel safe and secure in this city and in this country”, said Spasovski.

Asked if he has more information about the incident in Kapistec, Skopje, he said that the Public Prosecutor’s Office carried out the inspection, the investigation is ongoing and all details will be shared with the public.

Spasovski noted that the security situation is stable and that it should be maintained as such, and this, according to him, the chance was with the Przhino Agreement.

“National interest should be before all political interest, and we need to be deeply aware of maintaining the security of the country”, said Spasovski.