The toll of the COVID-19 in North Macedonia in the last 24 hours diverted from the trends of the past few days, when the number of patients who recovered was greater than that of the new cases, but the former took a downturn and today there were only 70 recoveries, while yesterday 230 recovered patients were registered. The number of deaths also decreased – 3 in the last 24 hours, compared to 8 reported yesterday afternoon.

Most of the newly diagnosed cases are in Skopje – 83, followed closely by the city of Tetovo, with 26 new cases. Two of the three persons who died from COVID-19 were from Skopje and the third one from Tetovo.

With this new statistics, the total toll of COVID-19 in North Macedonia is 362 dead and 7.572 diagnosed, with 3.624 recoveries.