The opposition party VMRO-DPMNE states that the new proposed law for the Special Public Prosecution will not be demanding amnesty for the accused but it will suggest a procedure according to which SPO’s current team, led by Katica Janeva, will be removed, informs Portalb.

-We are certainly proposing a new SPO team as no one can work eternally. In a democratic country, in an institution such as this, everyone should be a subject of election and re-election. Eternity existed in feudal societies. We shall suggest a new process and who will be elected that is another matter – said VMRO-DPMNE’s chief negotiatiors, Toni Menkinoski for Portalb and said that extinguished attorneys are working on a new draft law for the SPO and the work will soon be over, and then we shall submit it at the Ministry of Justice.

Regarding the accusations towards the opposition that VMRO-DPMNE is asking for a “hidden amnesty”, Mekinoski is rejecting these claims, stressing that SDSM is known for its amnesties.

-There will be amnesty, but for Katica Janeva, i.e. SDSM is asking for amnesty for Janeva for cases after June 30th, 2017, for that part there will be amnesty and not for any other. Neither we have any intent to amnesty someone, nor shall we. Regarding the amnesty, it is an SDSM’s prerogative, as they have done all of the amnesties in Macedonia.

Portalb contacted the Ministry of Justice, but they stressed that they remain firm to what they have stated previously and that they shall make an official statement as soon as they receive the new proposed law announced by VMRO-DPMNE.

“We are looking forward to VMRO-DPMNE’s text. As soon as we receive it, we shall issue a statement. If there are improvements to the text, they will certainly be accepted. If there is a hidden amnesty, it will not be accepted” states the Ministry of Justice.

Otherwise, SPO’s mandate expires in September, while the talks about the Law on Public Prosecution, which plans an integration of SPO into the Public Prosecution are being led since March but an agreement still hasn’t been reached. The Government and the opposition disagree about Article 105, which is a key obstacle for the passing of the Law on Public Prosection, which includes a determination of the Special Prosecution’s status. This refers to the continuation of the procedures and the use of evidence that was collected until now.

By changing Article 105, the opposition is demanding that all SPO charges after June 2017 be dropped. The Ministry of Justice stress there will be no compromises with the continuation of the prosecution of committed crime acts and that for this institution the imposing of provisions that the opposition is demanding will not be accepted as they denote a hidden amnesty for certain acts.