During today’s government session, the Ministry of Economy informed that the legal conditions to revoke the request for issuing a permit for the excavation of copper and gold at Ilovica location, the municipality of Bosilovo by Euromax Resources, inform the government.

The information that was presented today at the Government by the Ministry of Economy revealed that that the company didn’t submit all of the necessary documents that are demanded in accordance with the Law on mineral raw materials in order to gain permission for exploitation.

The Government informed that even when the 15-day deadline for filing a complaint expires, the Government can make a final decision for unanimous cancelation of the Concession Agreement with Euromax Resources.

“It’s done, the mine has been stopped” announced on their Facebook profiles the activists who fought against the mine for copper-gold Ilovica and who put blockades at the entrance of the planned location for the mine in the past 18 days.

” We greet the Government’s decision as a righteous one. I don’t doubt that even when the 15 day period for an appeal that the decision will be confirmed. We are here. There is no chance that anyone will ever be awarded a license for a mine at Ograzden. Congratulations to my fellow fighters who were inspired to win from the start” said for Meta one of the activists, Krum Velkov.