Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, for now, will not demand resignation from the Secretary-General of the Government, Dragi Raskovski for the case “M-NAV”. According to him, consequences from the case should be looked at first and then a decision should be made. Zaev added that Raskovski fulfilled all his working duties and has publicly apologized for the case.

-We inherited the case “Leonardo” when we came to office. It’s about a tender that ended in 2016, however the procedure wasn’t fully completed. This was publicly stated and explained in detail. We will not begin a lawsuit as a government, but every individual can do this in order to protect his or her dignity. When we accept certain positions in government, we are aware that we will be under a magnifying glass that the public holds over us, but that does not mean that we are punching bags, or someone can make salad of us”- answered Zaev to a journalist question after the Control centre for tolls and roads in Petrovec was officially opened.

About the so called “Letter of Award”, he pointed out that it doesn’t mean that there will be any kind of award, but that this formulation is used when a project is approved.

“It doesn’t include any provisions, nor rewards – explained Zaev and added that he will personally send a letter to the company “Leonardo”, with an apology in the name of the Government. He will also direct his apology towards the Roma community, as well, in our country.

For receiving a date for start of negotiations with the European Union, Zaev said that the country will receive a date for the start of negotiations in October, and in December we will start with the opening of chapters 23 and 24.

According to him, the new leadership of EU is a proven friend to the country that will work in the interest of the candidate-countries, but also the progress of the European Union itself.

-The current Minister of Defence of Germany, Ursula von der Leyen always supported the country, most specifically its NATO integration. She has great feelings towards integration as a process, whether it be NATO or EU. In the new president we have a great new friend- said Zaev