Venizelos: The name dispute won’t be resolved quickly

The head of the Greek diplomacy, Evangelos Venizelos, doesn’t see an opportunity for a solution to the name issue anytime soon. In an interview for the weekly Real News, Venizelos emphasized that there won’t be any new developments for faster resolution because of the unconstructiveness of the Macedonian side.

“There is no new proposal from Nimetz. There won’t be a quick and urgent resolution of the name dispute because the other side doesn’t make any steps and actions”, Venizelos said for the weekly on the meeting of the mediator Matthew Nimetz with Macedonian and Greek negotiators, Vasko Naumoski and Adamantios Vassilakis, in New York last week.

After the meeting at the United Nations headquarters, Nimetz pointed out that no progress has been made, but also that he will remain committed to developing dialogue and finding a name solution that would meet the requirements of both sides.

In front of the mediator and the international community, Greece presents the view that the Government in Athens has done their part and that it waits for action from Macedonian, i.e. Macedonia to surpass its limitations in order to be able to find a mutually acceptable solution for both sides. Greece considers the decision of the Government of Kostas Karamanlis in 2008 to allow the final solution for the name to include the term “Macedonia” as its last major gesture.