Following the hearing yesterday of the nine who were arrested in the action by the Police codenamed Cell , the judge who is leading the case has given them 30 days detention, said in the report by the Primary Court Skopje 1. The 27 suspects who are still being sought after, the judge had given arrest orders. The Public Prosecutor for organized crime and corruption will determine the length of their detention once they are apprehended.

A total of 36 people have been named as suspects for taking part in foreign militaries, police, paramilitary or militia organizations.

“The judge, who led the process of reviewing of the facts and the evidence which were provided by the Prosecutor, along with the guidelines for determining the length of detention and the hearing of those who were arrested, with their attorneys present, had recognized that all of the conditions have been met, which stem from the criminal procedure Law of determining detention, to detain those who were arrested for 90 days.

The judge gave an order for the arrest of the 27 suspects for whom the police is still searching. Once they are apprehended they will undergo a hearing and based on that the Public Prosecutor will advise the court on further actions to be taken,” says in the report from the Primary Court Skopje 1.