Spasov and Damchevski will appeal lustrators’ decision



Former Minister of Justice and former ambassador of Macedonia to Bulgaria, Gjorgji Spasov, was a collaborator of the state security services, announced the Commission for verification of facts. In documents posted on the website it is mentioned that Spasov supplied data to the services for several Macedonian citizens.

Spasov rejected such claims, noting that the Commission has long been converted into a body of political persecution of opponents of the current Government.

– I responsibly declare that I have never collaborated with the former state security service and that this kind of shameful political constructions, created on the basis on some arbitrary official notes written by former municipal police officers of UDBA, will one day be revealed. They claim that as an assistant at the Institute, two years after the death of Tito in 1981, I gave information about the existence of anarcho-liberal among journalists of the newspaper at the time, “Studentski zbor” to a certain municipal police officer and that I called the pseudo-liberals. That’s the biggest nonsense invented by him and the Commission, but perhaps now they needed to discredit me once they saw that I participated in a student protest and that I support the students in my columns – says Spasov in response posted on the website “Libertas”, while announcing an appeal to the Administrative Court and even to the International Court of Human rights in Strasbourg, if the decision on his appeal is not just.

Simultaneously, the Commission announced that a former head of the State Security and Intelligence Service – Bitola, Ice Damchevski, collected data and gave orders to monitor persons who claimed to be part of the service.

Damchevski thinks that lustrators’ decision is unfounded and beyond any sound logic.

– In the first procedure, when I was lustrated, I appealed to the Higher Administrative Court and lustrators’ decision was declared illegal by the court. Now, instead of keeping quite because they sinned, they brought the very same decision in a new procedure, which is out of common sense and unverifiable. So, instead of apologizing to me, they started a new unsupported procedure. I was an official and everything I did was within my jurisdiction. I am already preparing a response with my lawyer for their new procedure – stated Ice Damchevski for the agency META.

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