Rashkovski will not resign and will file lawsuits against several persons


Government’s General Secretary, Dragi Rashkovski announced that tomorrow he will be filing a lawsuit for unauthorized recording against Kliment Chepunjovski, including lawsuits for defamation and insults against Ivanka Vasilevska, Goran Momirovski, Milenko Nedelkovski, Ljupco Zlatev. the arbitrary procedure will be filed against media such as Kurir, Infomax, and Lider.

At the press conference, Rashkovski explained the details in the case of “M-NAV” that was revealed after a published recording where his voice can be heard including two other officials for alleged tender rigging in favor of an Italian company.

According to him, it is unserious to publish only 15 minutes of the conversation that lasted one hour.

The Agreement for selecting the Italian company Leonardo, as was stressed by Rashkovski, was signed by the management that was set by the previous government i.e. Zivko Popovski, the father of the former Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Popovski.

Rashkovski said that he doesn’t plan to resign.

“When an official verdict is made by the court, in a criminal procedure then we shall meet again and have another conversation,” said Rashkovski, when asked whether he plans to resign because of this conversation.

He informed that the former Director of “M-NAV” Kliment Chepunjovski has been dismissed due to certain omissions in his work and the jeopardizing the security of Macedonian skies.

-The reason why Kliment was dismissed were certain ommissions, but the general public can be rest assured because these ommissions were overcome- stressed Rashkovski.

Regarding the case when the radars were left without a signal in September there were talks in a closed government session, but the information is classified because it is a matter of evidence at the Prosection.

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