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Rashkovski will not resign and will file lawsuits against several persons

Government's General Secretary, Dragi Rashkovski announced that tomorrow he will be filing a lawsuit for unauthorized recording against Kliment Chepunjovski, including lawsuits for defamation and insults against Ivanka Vasilevska, Goran Momirovski, Milenko Nedelkovski, Ljupco Zlatev. the arbitrary procedure will be filed against media such as Kurir, Infomax, and Lider. At the press conference, Rashkovski explained the details in the...

Stavreski demands an apology by Shilegov

The Ministry of Finance reacts to a press conference of the spokesman of the opposition SDSM and says that Petre Shilegov shamelessly distracts and misinforms the public for a second day in a row. - Several times now, Shilegov, intentionally mentions that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski signed a contract with the company-contractor of the sewage...