As was announced by the Director of the Public Revenue Office (UJP), Sanja Lukarevska, the UJP will start auditing Bojan Jovanovski’s companies including the physical persons and the legal entities that are involved in the racket case.

-We shall act upon the part that refers to taxes. We shall control the “Megjunarodniot Sojuz”, “1TV”, “BMJ Group” and other remaining taxpayers that we have determined through analysis that there were certain business relations and cooperation. We shall check all concerning physical persons at the Megjunaroden Sojuz for whom we shall check all payments – said Lukarevska at the press conference that took place two days ago.

She stressed that the physical persons will be controlled on the basis of their incomes and on the basis of the Law on personal taxes and the remaining taxpayers through VAT, income tax, calculations, business relations.

-Through the payments that were made by the Megjunarodniot sojuz we shall see on whose account belonging to the physical persons these assets were deposited and whether they were reported. If any tax evasion is determined the UJP shall start with procedures to investigate the property history – said Lukarevska.