DOM’s president, Liljana Popovska, said today at a press conference that she is renouncing her place on the SDSM’s list of candidates for MPs.

“I’m renouncing my place on the list, and we will notify SDSM about my decision. I will fight with the same passion but from a different position, that at the moment does not guarantee a MP seat. I have given up from many positions so far. I have never regretted my decisions and I will start regretting them now”, said Popovska.

Popovska also said that after the meeting of the party’s central and executive board, she will inform her party’s coalition partner, the SDSM, who will replace her on the list. Popovska’s candidacy received fierce reactions from the public after yesterday’s decision by SDSM to give her a position on the list of candidates that guarantees MP seat the second electoral constituency.