Prosecution seizes computers, jewelry, clothing and weapons from Jovanovski and Milevski

Архивска фотографија | Мета.мк

The Basic Prosecution’s team for Pursuing Organized Crime and Corruption in a joint effort with the Ministry of Interior, during yesterday and until today morning has worked on gathering evidence related to two of the suspects in the case of “Receiving an award for illegal influence” Borjan Jovanovski and Zoran Milevski, informs the Prosecution.

As was announced, the home of the parents of the prime suspect has already been ransacked, the apartment where he stayed in, including the office that he used, including the home of the second suspect and the vehicles they both had.

During the ransack, plenty of evidence was collected that yet has to be sent for analysis. Among the confiscated materials are, apart from two PCs and one laptop that were used by the prime suspect and his assistant, a large quantity of branded wardrobe, jewelry, watches, and art paintings were also confiscated. The second suspect had several laptop computers seized including documentation, mobile phones, USB sticks, and memory cards, including a number of weapons and ammunition for which it has yet to be determined whether the suspect has a license for, said the press release.

The press release also states that “taken into account the voluminous material, the minute for confiscated objects are still prepared and at the moment the prosecution still cannot announce any details”.

At the same time, the prosecution is informing the public that until now the prosecutor still hasn’t done any conversations with other persons because of which there were speculations among the general public that these were summoned for informative talks. In the interest of the investigation and the prevention of spreading speculations among the public, the prosecution will inform the public about taken actions as much as the investigation will allow it” said the prosecution.