The Student Plenum through their facebook profile put some distance between themselves from Ivana Tufegdzik, who was has been nominated and is ninth for the opposition for the first constituency.

“In regards to what came out in the media, that the 9th candidate for the first constituency from the SDSM represents the Student Plenum, we would like to publicly reject this information, it is incorrect. The Student Plenum does not have a representative in the upcoming elections”, said the Plenum in their statement.

“This candidacy is a big step for me, but it also is a huge responsibility which I have to face in front of all those of support me and know me, but I will face this responsibility every day”, wrote Tufegdzik on her Facebook profile after the parliamentary lists were announced at the SDSM Congress.

She went on to say that this battle will be the most important.

“The significance of this battle, however, must not silenced by criticism, on the contrary, criticism should be welcome, as it can only get help us better ourselves and give us the opportunity to correct ourselves. A Lot of work awaits us to win this election, and to return normality back to the lives of the people, something which the people have been waiting for, for a very long time”, wrote Tufegdzik.

Otherwise, Tufegdzik was one of the most exposed members of the Student Plenum during the large student protests two years ago.

We have been asking for people’s reactions through social media regarding the SDSM lists and we asked Professor Ferid Muhic, who also found himself nominated on the lists of the SDSM, however, he asked us to wait for him to respond later on in the day.