Pardoning party debts, court cases and the Law for Public Prosecution in the new leaked conversation between Mickoski and Kicheec (audio)


A new audio recording was posted on YouTube under the user name Racket, in which one can hear the voice of VMRO-DMNE’s party leader Hristijan Mickoski, then Zoran Milevski – Kicheec and woman’s voice.

In the conversation between these three parties, a certain person is discussed, for whom Mickoski says he is very grateful to, since he has helped him a lot when he took party leadership. Mickoski stresses that he also wanted to meet this person, but they were unable to find appropriate timing for a meeting. In the second part of the conversation, they talk about the Law for Public Prosecution and the case that is still open.

“Zoki, we were trying to set a meeting for a while, but I wasn’t able to meet him. I will tell you openly, as you know the election campaign has begun, so I canceled the meeting” said Mickoski who also said, “and I personally want to see him since he helped me at the time I needed help”.

“About my predecessors’ debts to his sister, as you well know – you were present during that conversation, he said all is well,” says Mickoski during the conversation.

Then he says that” a year and a half ago when I took over the party I had no electricity, the cable TV was canceled, the heating was about to be cut, I had no running water and people like him who helped me, were very few. And that means a lot to me”.

In the second part of the recording which lasts only 90 seconds, the conversation moves to another topic and the Law for Public Prosecution.

“If this law passes as they think it will pass, for the Public Prosecution this case isn’t over. On the contrary. You should know that. The only one who is still fighting is me” says Mickoski at the end of the conversation.

Mickoski quickly issued a press release that the conversation between him and Mileski has been cut and edited. He confirmed the conversation’s authenticity and mentioned that it is only one conversation and the conversation was cut and edited to serve the needs of SDSM and Zoran Zaev.

“I have said that before, that when I took over the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, the party was in a dire financial situation, with a blocked property by the same Judge Dimishkova, a sister of attorney Dimishkov, whom we can hear demanding a 6 million EUR from a well-known businessman in order to be released from detention. Yes, at that moment we had serious difficulties, something that we will come across again after the 15th of July. The remaining part of the conversation is something I have commented in the past, that there has to be justice and rule of law, but real ones, and not of the kind that suits SDSM and Zoran Zaev” said Mickoski for MIA agency.

This is a second audio material that was posted on the same YouTube channel. In yesterday’s recording, during a conversation with Kicheec, Mickoski says that he suspects when he went to visit businessman Orce Kamchev his car was photographed and during that period Kamchev was under special investigative measures. Mickoski confirmed the first recording as authentic, but stressed that he has met with Kicheec before the “Racket” case was opened.

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