The three professors haven’t quit the race in UKIM rector’s elections, but have put their candidacies on hold


Professors Petar Atanasov, Vujica Živkovikj, and Dragi Dimitrievski have rejected the claims that they have withdrawn and are boycotting the rector’s elections.

“Yesterday, we clearly and unequivocally said that we are putting our candidacies on hold following the reports and recommendations by DKSK and DPI. These elections for a rector are illegal, undemocratic, and nonacademic. We put our candidacies on hold because we don’t want to participate in such elections and give legitimacy to this illegal procedure” said the press release issued by Atanasov, Živkovikj, and Dimitrievski.

They remain firm to their claim that today’s elections at UKIM are illegal.

“At the moment, the University Election Commission isn’t working in accordance with the Law for Higher Education and UKIM’s Statute. What we saw today is an effort on part of the “University of Cyril and Methodius” (UKIM) to carry out undemocratic, illegal, and violent elections on part of Rector Jankulovski and the University Election Commission” said the three professors.

Previously, the Independent Academic Syndicate has summoned the colleagues, professors, and students not to take part in the elections at UKIM and to refuse to be a part of the illegal and undemocratic ways of electing a rector.

“With it, UKIM’s academic core will show the true care and readiness to fight against the misuse of procedures and positions, especially when it comes from this institution. We are aware of potential pressures and threats especially on the junior university personnel and students, and we remind those that have decided to appear at tomorrow’s elections that they can always show their dissatisfaction with the process, clearly, and unequivocally even with their ballot” stressed the Independent Academic Syndicate (NAS).

In the press release issued by NAS, it states that three of the candidates i.e. professors Dragi Dimitrievski, Petar Atanasov, and Vujica Živkovikj have quit the race since UKIM had its right taken from it to elect a rector through a transparent, objective, and fair procedure. With it, the professors and the students were prevented to get acquainted directly with the candidates’ programs, to post questions, and to see a debate among the candidates concerning all of these topics.

“The Independent Academic Syndicate greets this decision made by the candidates. NAS has continuously informed UKIM’s academic community, the public, and the institutions about the numerous irregularities in the procedure behind the rector’s elections at UKIM” said NAS’ press release.

After a series of peripetias in the procedure behind the elections, there was also a reaction on part of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption.

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