Nuhiu: MOI and Chavkov are responsible for the chaos at Parliament and I’m stepping down


The Minister of Interior, Agim Nuhiu, condemned the incidents at Parliament and said that certain parts of the ministry’s structures did not do their jobs properly and they will be held responsible.

He said that as minister, he had insisted on the creation of the operational headquarters since the protests started, and it included some of the MOI’s high-ranking officials.

“The operational headquarters had prepared plans for three possible situations. For peaceful protests, for electing a Parliament Speaker and for the election of a government. For the position of manager at the headquarters, the Director of the Public Security Bureau within the MOI, Mitko Chavkov was chosen. I want to inform the public that yesterday since the situation escalated until 20:00 pm, the manager of the headquarters Chavkov was unavailable, even though I called him on his personal phone,” said Nuhiu.

The Minister of Interior said, “unfortunately, it is obvious that MOI is under the influence of certain political structures.”

“I feel a moral responsibility because during this period of four months I wasn’t able to remove the influence of politics from the managing positions and that is why I have requested to step down, but I assure you that I will do everything to create conditions for a peaceful transfer of power,” said Nuhiu

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