Today the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern about yesterday’s violence in Parliament, and according to them, the prime reason for the violence was the “effort of the opposition through blatant violation of the procedures to elect a Parliament Speaker.” As a result of that, the ministry says,  chaos occurred which involved protestors that stood up to the “impostors”, who some of which were hospitalized.

The Russian MFA remarked that “the incident was planned previously” and that it is yet another indicator of outside interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia.

“Official representatives of the European Union, the ambassadors of some European countries and the ambassador of the United States unhesitatingly praised the new “Parliament Speaker” who is, incidentally, a former field commander in the so-called pro-Albanian National Liberation Army. This well-coordinated and quick response, doubtless, attests to the fact that these developments had been planned in advance, with the covert connivance of “foreign curators” of the Macedonian opposition. This once again confirms the fact that the current domestic political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia has been mostly caused by blatant interference in the domestic affairs of this country,” said the Russian MFA.

Furthermore, they said that “subsequent developments along this scenario, attempts to change the country on the basis of the so-called “Tirana platform” are fraught with even greater risk, and the situation might escalate into a conflict, including an inter-ethnic conflict.