Rexhepi went to police station, say he wasn’t abducted but went to a friend’s home with his family


Kastriot Rexhepi, member of the parliament of North Macedonia from the BESA political party, who with his absence yesterday blocked the no confidence vote for the government of North Macedonia, today went to the Police station “Bit Pazar” in the capital Skopje, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of North Macedonia informs.

As the police says, Rexhepi, together with his family, went to a friend’s home to protect himself from the publicity associated with yesterday’s parliament session.

“Regarding yesterday’s (11.11.2021) report to the Police station “Bit Pazar” for K.R., MoI informs that just a short time ago, K.R. under his free will came to the police station and testified that the report is not truthful, i.e. he wasn’t missing, but under no pressure and with his free will, went to a friend’s home with his family to protect himself from the publicity associated with yesterday’s parliament session”, says the short press release from the MoI, after yesterday’s formal report that Rexhepi is missing, which had been submitted by the presiden of BESA, Bilal Kasami.

Rexhepi yesterday morning didn’t arrive to the Parliament for the plenary meeting scheduled for the no confidence vote. He was one of the signatories of the interpelation, but changed his mind at the last moment.

Rexhepi wrote on Facebook that the main reason for his absence from the parliamentary session for the no confidence vote is his support for the EU integration processes of the country.

“The state in this important period has no need for a political crisis and for stepping into murky and agitated waters full with unknown things”, he said.

The leader of BESA and the current mayor of Tetovo, Bilal Kasami in his statement for the media in front of the parliamentary building said that he has reasonable doubt that the MP was stopped against his will and that he will believe it to be so until he sees Rexhepi and until Rexhepi himself tells his attitude.

Later in the course of the day, after, in addition to Kasami, other leaders of the opposition political parties, such as Hristijan Mickoski and Zijadin Sela and Dimitar Apasiev publicly expressed their doubts that he is absent from the session against his will, Rexhepi released a video on Facebook.

In the video, he sent a message to Kasami not to worry for him, saying he was safe.

Rexhepi in the recorded statement on Facebook said that individuals threatened him and he will personally apear in the media in order to shed more light on the case.

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