Regarding yesterday’s violent events in Parliament, in which several MPs were injured, eight people have been detained at Gazi Baba police station, reported today at a press conference, Jordan Lamanovski, who is the assistant Minister for Public Relations and Strategic Issues within the MOI, who added that video footage had been provided to identify the perpetrators.

Lamanovski stated that operational headquarters of the MOI is now managed by Agim Nuhiu, replacing the director of the Public Security Bureau Mitko Chavkov, who until now was head of operations.

“We summarized the number of people injured, 83 people sought medical assistance, 25 uniformed police officers, 54 civilians, 3 MPs and a journalist. Three were severely injured and were kept at the KARIL clinic, one person was sent to Neurosurgery and another person with minor injuries was sent to the department of plastic. At the hospital “8th of September”, 6 police officers had minor injuries and a journalist was sent home”, said Lamanovski.