Over 90% of the proposed ambassadors are career diplomats i.e. they are professional employees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said today President Stevo Pendarovski when he replied to a question during the SELDI Regional Anti-Corruption Forum.

He also said that the ambassadors’ professionalization was one of his first efforts when he became a president and one of the principles that he insisted upon during his initial consultations with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

Before sending the first ambassadors several more procedures have to be completed and they also have to present their program in front of the parliamentary commission.

Yesterday, the government had a session behind closed doors and it determined a list of 19 proposal for appointing ambassadors to the following destinations – Athens, Belgrade, Zagreb, Tirane, Brussels, Hague, Moscow, NATO, the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), UN (Geneva), Doha, Prague, New Delhi, Rome, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Vatican, Pristina and Beijing.