As part of its program for fighting disinformation and false news that spreads across the borders in the Balkans and can be seen in the media in another state and in another language, has been regularly reporting what is currently occurring at similar services for checking facts and the fight against disinformation in the region i.e. Croatia in the north and Greece in the south.

The Greek service for fight against false news “Ellinika Hoaxes“ has made a check of a claim that was published by some Greek blogs and online media that an Israeli official has threatened that “they will fill Europe with immigrants” and it has determined that this is a hoax.

According to the research conducted by “Ellinika Hoaxes,“ the source of this false news is Yoanidis Kouduris, the self proclaimed investigative journalists who most often writes about conspiracy theories and is also producing xenophobic content.

The source of the claim that Israel will fill Europe with immigrants was located by “Ellinika Hoaxes“ in a wrongly interpreted announcement by Yisrael Hasson, who was a Deputy Director of Israel’s security service known as Shin Bet.

In July 2014, after series of antisemitic incidents throughout Europe, at a session of the Immigration Committee, naturalization and diaspora, that was attended by several EU ambassadors, he told them the following: If the European countries do not protect the Jews (that live in their countries) the state of Israel will protect the instead. He went on and has warned them: if you aren’t on our side the day when the Islamic terror will soon come to your homes, beds and kindergartens.”

“he spoke generally about the fight against extremist Islamic elements especially about Palestinians that were hit by Israely operations in the Gaza Strip. In Hasson’s statement there isn’t any threat that Israel will fill in Europe with Immigrants. Because of that, the claim that Yisrael Hasson has said that “we shall fill the whole of Europe with immigrants if Europe doesn’t support us” is untrue, informs “Ellinika Hoaxes“