The Macedonian Journalists Association takes part in the Council of Europe’s media conference in Ljubljana


The Registry f professional online media that the Association of Journalists of Macedonia and the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) will be promoting this month has caused a great interest and support from journalists and media professionals, that were attending the conference organized by the Council of Europe “The Last Call for Qualitative Journalism” that took place in Ljubljana on the 28th and the 29th of November, informed the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM).

The conference was hosted by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and it was attended by 150 journalists, media experts, members of journalist associations, regulatory and self-regulatory bodies of 40 countries members of the oldest European organization, among which is a representative of AJM.

“The media literacy, artificial intelligence and its application in the media, regulatory and self-regulatory practices int he media sphere in the European countries were discussed at the conference in the spirit of necessity of qualitative journalism which is the only tool against false news, disinformation, propaganda, hate speech, political manipulation with media content that are more or less present in the mead throughout Europe especially in the online sphere” informs AJM.

According to the participants, qualitative journalism is endangered not only by states in the Eastern part of Europe where authoritarian tendencies are part of the historical heritage, but in the older member countries of the EU. This includes the cradle of democracy, Great Britain where under the influence of the growing populism there is a tendency of decreasing professional journalist standards.

“The Registry of professional online media that is prepared by AJM and CMEM with the support of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia was singled out as a rare example of self-regulatory mechanism that should be followed and applied in other European countries in order to help qualitative professional journalism. representatives of the Council of Europe expressed interest for the concept of financial aid for printed media from the state budget that upon AJM’s initiative has been implemented for the second year in a roll in Macedonia” inform AJM.

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