Kodzias announced package of three steps to resolve name dispute


In tonight’s interview for TV “Telma”, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias announced that Greece in the near future will propose a package of three steps to resolve the name dispute.

– We will negotiate in three steps. First there are measures to build confidence, which we already have. The second will be on the methodology about the negotiations on the name, and the third phase will be the name itself – said Kodzias.

He expressed optimism that the two countries will find a compromise on the name dispute because, as he said, “not because it is easy, but because they need to do so, we have to do so, the two countries, the entire Balkans.”

According to Kodzias, current crises that shake both Macedonia and Greece “are an opportunity for finding a solution to major problems such as the name issue”.

– I think that crises, as we say in ancient Greek, mark not only the problem, but also perspective and opportunity for a solution to be found. Even when the doctor tells patients that have severe health crisis, it does not mean they will die, but they must find a way to stay alive and heal. The crisis has not only negative meaning, but also a positive significance. I think maybe we are in crisis and we have a big problem, so we have a chance again to reflect on these issues and find new ways and new ideas for the name issue – said Kodzias.

Greek Foreign Minister today held a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Poposki, on which 11 confidence-building measures between the two countries were adopted.

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