Hitting pans and pots, protesters demanded Gruevski’s resignation


Several hundred citizens, activists, people from the opposition tonight through peaceful, but noisy protest outside the home of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski called for him to resign and allow holding elections that will be organized by a transitional government, in which he won’t participate.

“Equipped” with pots, pans, drums and horns, protesters started their march from Kliment Ohridski Boulevard, close to the government, and across the street St. Cyril and Methodius reached Gruevski’s home, constantly making noise with something and shouting “Resign”, “It’s over”, “Nikolhe dictator”…

In front of the building where the Prime Minister lives, i.e. at the intersection of the streets Pavel Shatev, Jordan Mijalkov and Anton Popov, protesters demanded the resignation of Gruevski and his government.

– Come out Nikola from your four apartments and see the people. Come out Nikola on your terrace, to see your humiliated race. Come out Nikola, but not only on your terrace, come out and leave Ilinden street – said activist Petrit Sarachini in front of the attendees.

The protesters were also addressed by SDSM spokesman Petre Shilegov, who asked Gruevski to immediately resign, tonight or on 29th of June.

– We came with pans and pots, as family people, to send you a message that your casseroles and stews are finished. Go away Nikola, the future of this nation depends on you. This people no longer will witness elections organized by you. Submit your resignation, today or on 29th of June. Otherwise you are left alone. You will stay remembered for how a marginal person becomes a criminal – said Shilegov.

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