Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov: Even the vaccinated people should avoid any gatherings


The vaccine is protecting against COVID-19 and life is easier with it. Last summer we didn’t have any vaccines, and now when we do have them, there isn’t much interest in them. What is very important now is that people should get vaccinated, including the children older than 12, says Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, an epidemiologist and former Director at the Public Health Center and a former member of the Commission for Protection from Infectious Diseases.

He said for Meta.mk that even the vaccinated people should be careful and choose wisely where they go.

“People should get vaccinated but at the same time they should be avoiding crowds. Take a look at what is happening, it is illogical to have all those weddings, concerts, Olympic games, European Cup Football finales. It is illogical to have mass gatherings. There are two fronts now, a financial and the ah one. According to my information, the Commission for Protection from Infectious Diseases proposed the same recommendations three weeks ago, but the Government’s Crisis Center didn’t want to adopt them. We have people living abroad visiting North Macedonia, there are weddings, and whether there will be sick people, it obviously didn’t matter…. Now, since we are in a phase when we can no longer be playing games games and since the vaccination isn’t enough, these measures and restrictions should have been adopted,” Stojanov says.

He also adds that only after over 80% of the population had been vaccinated we could talk about collective immunity.

“It is much easier to function with a received vaccine. Now, what is considered a prerequisite is to receive the vaccine i.e. to reach up to 80% of the population to be vaccinated, people who will have antibodies. Young people above the age of 12 should also be vaccinated. China has applied a 1.7 billion doses of vaccines and it is continuing with the vaccination,” said Stojanov.

According to him, even the vaccinated persons should be careful and not go to  concerts and events where there are a lot of people in attendance.

“From 400,000 vaccinated people in North Macedonia, only 167 got infected. But the others are protected. This is the reason why the vaccine is necessary as much as observing the protective measures. Even with a vaccine, the measures should be observed. Try not to go to places unless there is imminent need. For example, if there are many people waiting in the queue to take their new IDs, then one should choose another day when there aren’t many people waiting. One should not be standing there at any cost,” said the epidemiologist.

Two days ago, the Government of North Macedonia adopted new measures that will enter into force in the second half of August. Starting from the 16th of August, all types of indoor events, and the operation of the bars, cafes and restaurants indoors will be banned. Starting from the 16th of August, a mandatory vaccination confirmation will be required, with at least one dose, as a prerequisite for participating in anyevent or a facility with more than 30 people in attendance.

Starting from the 16th of August, a mandatory immunization confirmation will be introduced, at least the first dose, with a mandatory usher service in order to control the evidence of vaccination when entering any type of facility, including catering facilities or any type of events (celebration, concert, seminar, training, workshop, conference, cultural or sporting events).

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