Kežarovski: I was rotting in a prison cell because of a false witness planted by the secret police

After a decade of trials and several repeated court procedures regarding the case of “Oreshe”, the court in Veles gave a freeing verdict for the accused in this case.

Journalist Tomislav Kežarovski, who spent a year and nine months in detention because of the “Oreshe” case, has issued a statement on his Facebook profile.

“The explanation of the verdict states that the protected witness was neither protected nor endangered, but was a false witness who was testifying after being instructed by the secret police just like I wrote about in the weekly magazine “Reporter 92” and for which I was a suspect, the accused and imprisoned. Why was I rotting in prison cells? Why did I lose my health for?
And now prosecutor Lile Stefanova, what shall we do? And now judges Ranja Mihajlova, Gjoko Ristov and Dijana Gruevska – Ilievska what shall we do now? What will you say in your defense,? wrote Kežarovski.