Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced today that he hasn’t talked with his coalition partners and other political parties about them entering or leaving the government, including the appointments at vacancy ministerial positions, deputy-ministerial and directorial positions after the local elections.

He expects that these issues will be discussed int he forthcoming days, after, as he said, the dust will settle and everyone’s heads will be cooled off.

-I expect these days the dust to settle down. Now we have some overheated political heads in our state. I’m hoping that sometime this weekend, in a peaceful atmosphere, when we shall open the processes about how we shall work together ahead as we have several vacancies in the Government – minister, deputy -minister, several directors – said Zaev, during today’s summit organized by Macedonia 2025.

When asked whether he will continue the coalition with the Alliance of the Albanians led by Zijadin Sela, Zaev said that it doesn’t depend only on him, but from Sela as well including other coalition partners.