With the statement that the prosecution allegedly conducted a criminal investigation into two members of government, Zoran Zaev confirmed that there is a direct link between SDSM and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is used as a mechanism for disciplining, threatening and blackmailing, says VMRO-DPMNE.

The opposition party says that the proceedings in the prosecution offices are conducted in secret and in no case should the prime minister be aware of their work, or should he be able to know the prosecutor’s work, which are a complete separate state body.

“This statement confirms that Prime Minister Zaev, in fact, is the contracting authority for the work of prosecutors, a fact that is scandalous and completely illegal. It is now clear that Zaev, in addition to being an installed prime minister, is also the head of both the state and the Special Prosecution. This directly endangers the functioning of the legal system and therefore, it is not surprising the shameful way in which they are organizing, legitimizing and legalizing the most criminal elections that occurred in the past month”, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction.