Hahn left us to surmise who is “without a sense of responsibility and leadership”


Who does yesterday’s tweet of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn after the unsuccessful negotiations in Brussels “… I am disappointed by the lack of a sense of responsibility and lack of leadership …”? Whom is Hahn referring to? Gruevski or Zaev? Who is the one who, according to Hahn, had no “sense of responsibility and lacks leadership”?

Immediately after completion of the negotiations, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that the blame lies with Zoran Zaev, which only initiated the possibility that the tweet refers to the leader of SDSM.

SDSM, meanwhile, argue that the guilt for the failure of the negotiations is VMRO-DPMNE’s, i.e. Gruevski’s.

Petre Shilegov, spokesman for the opposition party, said that, according to them, Gruevski’s guilty, but that “he cannot say what Hahn meant” and directed us to his Facebook status, which read:

“EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn was disappointed by the lack of leadership and responsibility of some politicians in Macedonia.
We are as well. 9 whole years.”

This status was replied by VMRO-DPMNE MP Ilija Dimovski with Facebook status which reads:

“When some of SDSM, or their “expert” or NGO which is on their payroll or their media and journalist, will talk about EU and NATO, it should be said: GO AWAY HYPOCRITE…
If the Republic of Macedonia loses recommendation for EU, many of them will have to know that people remember what they spoke and what they did…”

Here are Hahn’s original tweets:

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

Секој ден во 17 ч. добивајте ги вестите од Новинската агенција Мета директно на вашата електронска адреса.

Ве молиме одберете на кој начин сакате да добивате информации од нас:
Можете да се отпишете од оваа листа преку линкот на крајот од нашите пораки.