Hahn hopes to persuade EU skeptics that the negotiations should start this summer


Today at the Vienna Economic Forum, the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that he is hoping that he will be able to persuade the skeptic EU members to open the accession negotiations with North Macedonia and that he is convinced that it shall come to that in the summer and that the first chapters will be open by the end of the year.

Hahn, who spoke at the “New Perspectives of North Macedonia” gathering said that it shall happen with chapters 22 and 24 who shall be the last closed in the accession process.

-Compared to other countries, the situation in Macedonia is better because the opposition there acts like a true opposition. It is a constructive one and it is participating in the Parliament and the political life, in a way that is expected in a mature democracy. The last presidential elections prove that it is possible for a joint advancement – said Hahn.

In his introductory speech, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev spoke about the successfully implemented presidential elections including the Prespa Agreement, which resulted in deepening of the cooperation between the Republic of North Macedonia and Greece.

While he was talking about the ongoing reforms, Zaev also addressed the judiciary reforms, the reforms of the security system and the public administration including the fight against corruption which remain a top priority in the government’s agenda.

He stated that the government’s leadership and the majority of the nation do not see another perspective but an EU and NATO memberships.

-The Republic of North Macedonia has no other alternative but an EU and NATO accession – more than 75% of the nation is supporting such aspirations. Today we are prepared both politically and institutionally. We firmly believe that we deserve a decision based upon achievements and we believe that the EU will deliver – said the Macedonian prime minister.

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