Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov: Do not enter a bus or a grocery store without wearing an N95 mask


In the past period, there has been a continuous rise in the number of new COVID-19 cases in North Macedonia, but also in the region and beyond. What can be noticed from the daily reports issued by the Ministry of Health is that the number of reinfections is also on the rise, which shows that those who were infected once by the virus aren’t immune to it. Also, until several days ago the percentage of positive cases was around one-third out of the total number of tested and the latest statistics dating from yesterday show that 44,6% of the tested people are positive.

While we wait for the member of the Infectious Diseases Committee to decide whether and which measures will be introduced in order for the population to be protected, the epidemiologists consider it important and necessary to return the mandatory wearing of masks.

The same measures are being repeated for two and a half years

“We have been talking about these measures for two and a half years, and they are still valid. All personal contact should be avoided, crowds should be avoided, and also markets and buses should be avoided. If people have to enter, they should put masks on their faces but not surgical masks but N95 masks. The crowds should be avoided because this is the way COVID spreads. In all tourist countries, infections are on the rise. At Mikonos, more than t53,4% of the total population tested positive. This Omicron subvariant spreads very easily. I don’t know whether sequencing of the virus is done in our country, but this is the dominant variant,” said Epidemiologist Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov.

As he says, what is good in the situation is that during the summer months, the schools are closed, and the number of children visiting kindergartens is small. According to him, better protection will be provided when a new vaccine is invented that will be efficient for all strains of the virus.

“The vaccines we currently have are directed toward the Wuhan strain. Moderna and Pfizer are already working on a new vaccine, and we expect it to be out by September. The authorities should continuously tell the people they should inoculate themselves because the number of people inoculated with two doses is below 50%. Only 20% of the population is inoculated with a third dose. We cannot be thinking in the manner “I have two doses and that is enough,” warns Stojanov.

So far, 46% of the population in North Macedonia has been vaccinated

Since the start of the process of vaccination in the country,46,6% of the total population is inoculated with two doses i.e. 856,132 people have received two doses. In comparison, in Slovenia which approximately has the same number of people as North Macedonia in the region, 57% of the total population is inoculated.

The Health Ministry informed Meta.mk that since 1st of July, when the possibility for a fourth dose was announced, in a period of 20 days, a total of 4259 people got inoculated. Most of these vaccines are for a fourth dose i.e. 3472. 648 people received a third dose during these 20 days. Only 76 people were inoculated with a first dose, and 63 were vaccinated with a second.

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