The Committee for Infectious Diseases will send a proposal to the Government for easing the measures against COVID-19 which will include reopening of the educational centers, test centers, betting shops and the shopping malls, the Minister of Health Venko Filipche informed during today’s press conference. They will function in the hours when the people are allowed to leave their homes. But for now, there are no plans to lift the curfew.

-We will gradually return the life back to the usual situation, but with certain protocols, such as keeping distance between people, obligatory wearing of face masks -said Filipche.

The situation will be monitored, and as goes for the plans, the cafeterias and restaurants should reopen first. After this, a week later, on the 25th of May, all facilities such as casinos, clubs, gyms, pools and hotels will also start working.

-The Committee for Infectious Diseases, in accordance with the current trends of the coronavirus spread globally and in accordance with many studies that were published, has prepared scientifically supported assumptions about how the situation with the virus might develop. A stabilization concerning the virus’ spread is expected, but we are aware that it is unlikely that it will disappear completely. In accordance with the current situation, in the next 2 months we are expecting the virus spread to decline. What we expect to contribute to this are the high temperatures that will weaken the virus and will also decrease the transmission – said the minister.

He expects all companies and organizations to follow the protocols which will be a precondition for further complete opening and restarting of the complete working process in the country. He stressed that a peaceful period is ahead of us.