Government session, the first session after the session ten days ago (12th of May, Tuesday), when the resignations of the Ministers of Interior and of Transport and Communications, Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski, and the Director of the Security and Counter-intelligence Agency Sasho Mijalkov, is to be held today.

Government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev confirmed the information for META.

According to our information, the new director of the Security and Intelligence Agency and the Public Security Bureau, which, after the resignation of Mijalkov and the appointment of the current director of the PSB Mitko Chavkov as Minister of Interior, remained empty, might be appointed at today’s session.

However, it is uncertain whether that will happen because there is no legal limit to when these senior positions in the Ministry of Interior are to be filled.

Government sessions are usually held every Tuesday, but this week it has been rescheduled due to the meeting between Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and opposition leader Zoran Zaev in Strasbourg.