The rebalancing of the budget is cutting the unnecessary and expensive expenditures, and the money is returned back to the citizens. With the rebalancing, funds will be provided for a permanent solution for the problem with the redundant workers and starting from September, around 70 000 citizens will receive a higher minimum wage in amount of 12.000 and the assets for raising the pupils’ standard and higher scholarships and bursaries, announced SDSM’s Vice President, Blagoj Bochvarski at a press conference that took place today. He also promised that a Youth guarantee will start that will offer a possibility of additional education, employment or a paid practice for the young.

SDSM’s Vice President said that the previous government that was led by VMRO-DPMNE was wasteful.

-While the majority of citizens have lived under the threshold of poverty with debts and blocked accounts, VMRo-DPMNE’s officials have spent their funds for lunches with exotic and exclusive food, expensive hotels, costumes, shoes, and spa treatments, and have completely ignored the needs of the citizens. The last evidence for VMRO-DPMNE’s wastefulness is the acquisition of two LED screens in the amount of one million of euros that are set on the expensive baroque facades in the center of Skopje. SDSM, through the new government it will lead is putting an end to this despicable treatment of citizens’ funds – said Bochvarski.

The rebalancing of the budget should enter into a parliamentary procedure tomorrow at noon.