Today, the National Federation of Employment Agencies (NFAPV) has issued a warning to be careful about anyone wanting to get a job abroad through an agency. Job seekers do not have to pay to agencies, because the agency should pay the employers. Therefore, applicants should not accept payment of any commissions and expenses, before or after going abroad, NFAPV warns.

“Regarding the latest events with certain employment agencies, for which there are information about the fraud of employment applicants for working abroad, we want to send a clear appeal to the public to be cautious when making a decision to work abroad. In other words, according to Article 22, paragraph 1, item 4 of the Law on Labor Relations, and according to the International Convention 181 on Private Employment Agencies, which the Republic of Macedonia has ratified, the agencies must not charge the employment applicants. All costs for employment for the job seekers should be paid by the company, where they will be eventually working for”, read the statement by the National Federation of Employment Agencies.