Hygiene in hospitals remains a major problem, and in the next five to six months, one of my main focus will be hygiene in all hospitals, said Minister of Health Arben Taravari, following today’s cleaning the space between clinics’s buildings in the Clinical Center, Skopje. He announced that the findings of inspections in some hospitals will be disclosed soon, and then, there will be fines.

“There will be fines for managers and employees, and that will be up to the inspectors. The state of the Gynecology Clinic is terrible, and it’s no better in Stip’s hospital, either”, said Taravari.

He added that there is a possibility that they may hire a private company to clean the hospitals, to prevent hospital infections.

“We are already thinking about solutions and how to resolve the problem. Perhaps, we will hire foreign companies, firstly, we can try to that with two hospitals,..a cleaning company, free of charge, will start working with the Clinic in Gostivar and the Gynecology Clinic, and we will wait for the results. If it is satisfactory to patients and physicians, and if hospital infections are reduced, then, we will decide whether we will implement the same in other clinics”, said Taravari.

Regarding the revisions of up to date work and the appointing of new directors within the healthcare institutions and clinics, the Minster said that there will be changes in the upcoming weeks.

“So far, only the Ministry of Health has been audited, and we will do the same with the other clinics when we appoint new directors. We will carry on with appointing directors this week, but slowly, we are not in a hurry, because 70-80% of the clinics will have new directors, in the next few weeks”, Taravari said.

He announced that a change in the “My Term” system will soon be promoted, meaning, newborns will be registered in the birth register on the same day they are born and will receive a birth certificate immediately, as well as a calendar of vaccines with recommendations for the mother for the first few months.

“It’s about novelty, when the child is born, a birth certificate will be issued immediately and recommendations for mothers for their first couple of months …”, said the minister, announcing more details for the following week.