The Parliament has voted for the final report of the budget for 2016


With 92 votes “for” and without any “against” or withhold, this afternoon the Parliament has voted for the final report on the implementation of the budget for 2016.

During the marathon length eight session, the MPs of the ruling party were often absent in the hall and the VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs and the Coalition were exchanging retorts mainly with their party comrades.

VMRО-DPMNE’s MPs claimed that during the times when they were a ruling party the funds were spent sparingly, the wages were increased, the pensions and the social help, and the subventions were regularly paid. They stated that the realization of crucial infrastructural projects mustn’t be stopped such as the highways and the regional roads, and they reacted due to the decreased budget for the education.

At today’s plenary session a decision was made for dismissal of the Parliament’s General Secretary, Zarko Denkovski. Cvetanka Ivanova, an attorney and a former SDSM MP was appointed as a new General Secretary of the Parliament.

The Parliamentary President, Talat Xhaferri has stopped the eighth session, which continuation, as he said will be set additionally.

The Parliament should start the ninth session on Monday, during which the rebalancing of the budget for 2017 should be discussed.

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