A quarter of a century, France has been supporting Macedonia to strengthen the state and its unitarity and helping them building a lawful state, which is a condition that applies to all future integrations into which the country legitimately has been striving for, the Ambassador of France in Macedonia said in his speech at the official reception of the National Day of France, yesterday.

At the reception in Macedonsko Selo, Timoni emphasized France’s efforts to implement the necessary reforms in Macedonia and Europe, which will become complete, when the countries join from the Western Balkans.

“This year, the French holiday is in the hallmark of a shared hope that will further unite us, the hope for a European future that our two peoples have expressed, giving them a new road sign, the one for implementing the necessary reforms, building space for peace and for prosperity, a common ambition for what Europe should be. Europe, which will not be complete, as our President Macron wrote in a letter to President Ivanov, until the countries join from the Western Balkans. This is a huge task that is waiting for all of us and for which we are still and will always be on your side. It is not just Europe on highways and tenders, aid and subsidy, but Europe with common values that we wish for all of us, and which, we, the French, celebrate with you, today. The values of our motto are: freedom, equality, brotherhood”, the French Ambassador said.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the President of the Parliament were at the reception, Talat Xhaferi and Ministers as well, as foreign Ambassadors, mayors and religious dignitaries also attended.