Five patients were let of from the Clinic of Infectuous Diseases as their coronavirus tests were negative, informs the Health Minister Venko Filipche. He said that out of 28 patients in Debar that were sent for home treatment, 11 persons, whose condition is well, will be tested again and then it will be acted accordingly.

Another patient has passed away today. Aged 65, she had a history of previous illnesses. She was treated at the clinic for a week.

-The patient’s condition worsened and in the end a reanimation was attempted but without results. Nine new patients were received at the clinic and there are 59 patients hospitalized there. !2 have a more difficult condition and five of them were put on ventilators. In the last 24 hours, there are 25 new coronavirus cases. The total number of people infected now is 353 – said the minister.