Zijadin Sela elected new President of DPA


Reform Movement of DPA chose Struga Mayor Zijadin Sela as party president, at, according to them, the sixth regular congress, held this afternoon in Tetovo. Sela said that Menduh Thaci is an illegitimate president of the party because he was reelected at a Congress last year, as opposed to the party’s statute, which requires the party congress of the opposition party of Albanians to be held today.

– I will address the former president of DPA Thaci to return stamps, and, if he does not do it, we will lead a litigation, which, in my opinion, we should win, because we are working according to the rules in the statute. Finally, DPA is not a single man, neither Thaci nor Sela, but its membership – Sela said.

In case the court rules in favor of Thaci, Sela announced that their supporters would form a new party of Albanians, which, along with other opposition Albanian parties, will fight for the rights of their ethnicity.

– In Macedonia there is no opposition party of the Albanians. Thaci and Ahmeti are partners of Prime Minister Gruevski. Therefore, the reformed DPA will fight to restore the dignity of the Albanians. When we win the election, we will fight our requirements to be met, and then enter the government – said Sela.

The newly elected leader believes that the political crisis could be resolved by international mediation and the presence of European courts in Macedonia, following the example of EULEX in Kosovo. He doesn’t believe that the crisis in Macedonia will lead to ethnic conflict, but, as he said, the ruling parties would want such incidents to occur.

Struga Mayor Zijadin Sela was elected with 617 votes “for” one “against”, while seven delegates were neutral.

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