Shekerinska for “Channel 77”: There is not a single recorded conversation between Gruevski and Mijalkov!


Vice president of SDSM Radmila Shekerinska, during her appearance in “Channel 77” in the show “Stadion,” said that one of the proofs who bugged was that there is not a single conversation from the mobile phones of the Prime Minister and the Director of UBK Sasho Mijalkov.

According to Shekerinska, it is clear that the wiretapping was done to keep control over the opposition, as well as over “their people”.

Published materials are a very small part of what SDSM has, said vice president Shekerenska, who did not say how many more of the recordings will be presented to the public.

– You will understand if we say that we won’t reveal our next steps to the public because the Government immediately takes steps to suppress them. That ridiculous press conference, in which Prime Minister denied his Ministry of Interior, shows that the government does such things and we would not be surprised if it does the same in future. The most important thins it the truth to come to light. Second, we will show the government that Macedonia is not with them. We already started to share materials in rural areas because, in some parts, the truth is that what is served by MRTV, because they don’t watch anything else and for them, the “bombs” do not exist – said Shekerinska.

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