Žbogar: UNESCO report should serve as a wake up call that will awaken institutions


EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar has launched a promotion in Ohrid for a new environmental campaign called “To be clean as your home” which aims to support eco-activism to raise the public’s awareness as well as local authorities for environmental protection and greater public cleanliness.

The EU Ambassador pointed out that it is no coincidence that the campaign started in Ohrid because Ohrid as a cultural and natural area protected by UNESCO, lacks both individual and collective responsibility towards the preservation of the environment.

When asked about the latest report from the UNESCO World Heritage Committee that contains serious remarks about the protection of universal values in the Ohrid region because of which it might be put on the list of endangered areas, Žbogar replied that he cannot comment on the UNESCO report, but he thinks that it has to be seen as the strongest wake up call

“This should wake up and prompt all the institutions to take urgent measures that will prevent the degradation of Ohrid’s cultural and natural legacy. It will be a shame for the country and the citizens if Ohrid loses its UNESCO status as a protected world heritage site. Therefore everyone should come together and do what is necessary i.e. if what UNESCO demands in order for Ohrid to remain on the global list of locations with significant natural and cultural values”, said Žbogar.

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