Zaev to continue with “bombs” from Monday


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev will continue to publish the “bombs” from Monday, reports “Kirilica“.

In the interview which will soon be published at the portal, Zaev reveals that he won’t stop publishing recordings even during the negotiations which should continue on Wednesday in Brussels. However, the recordings that will be published will be carefully selected so as not to jeopardize negotiations.

– We will be careful for the sensitivity of published audio materials. We cannot be accused of endangering the negotiation process, and we do not want to do that. We must continue to disclose the truth about Government’s abuses. You will hear conversations which will clarify how manipulation and fixing in various non-governmental organizations, civil society was carried out, how heads were appointed and what was done in the Football Federation of Macedonia, at the rector’s officers of universities and faculties, etc. – says Zaev in the interview.

Meanwhile, in an interview with TV “Alsat-M “, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said that it was agreed at the leadership meeting with EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn the “bombs” not to published until 10th of June.

– According to the agreement, no more “bombs” will be published. I will not prejudge for 10th of June, because I hope that he will honor that agreement which states that there will be no “bombs” until 10th of June. I hope that there will be none after 10th of June as well – Ahmeti said, adding that “bombs” are damaging the reputation of the country in the eyes of the international community.

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