More than 1,500 citizens at the protest “Justice for Martin, freedom for all”


Shouting “Murderers, murderers,” “Butchers, butchers,” “Resign, resign,” “No justice, no peace,” more than 1,500 people gathered today in front of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia at the protest “Justice for Martin, freedom for all”.

The protest, organized by opposition party SDSM, was also attended by the coalition “Citizens of Macedonia”, and at the forefront are the mother and brother of Martin Neshkovski, who was killed by a police member during the celebration of the election victory of VMRO DPMNE four years ago.

– The whole situation was covered up by the top of government. Therefore, lawsuits were filed yesterday. The event four years ago, as well as those on the protests the other day, is due to the dysfunction of institutions. We urge them to release all those imprisoned. It is people who are struggling to make state and institutions work. It is people who want to live freely, it is not people who gets out to the streets to look for an enemy among the police officers, but people who want to be free in their own country – said Aleksandar Neshkovski, brother of murdered Martin.

Aleksandar Neshkovski also urged institutions to show courage and start doing their job and said he expects justice and legal redress.

 protest Martin Neshkovski

The crowd of protesters were joined by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, who was greeted with shouts of “We are not a party, we are not a party.” Then, protesters, along with Zaev, who was not in the forefront, headed towards the Ministry of Interior. Shouting “Stop police brutality,” “Do not forget the murder”, the protesters asked those involved in the concealment of the case be taken to court and justice to come out.

After the protest, at 8 pm, on topic “Farewell Nikola” in Camp of Liberty, will address Pavle Bogoevski, Irena Ristik, Vasko Lazarevski and Edmond Ademi.

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