In the past 24 hours, the Ministry for Internal Affairs (MIA) issued certificates for people who have expressed intentions to seek asylum. In total 2,093 immigrants, and from that number 1830 are from Syria, confirmed the MIA.

Since June the 19th, amendments were made to the Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection, to date, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs they have issued a total of 57,151 confirmations to foreign nationals. Most of them are nationals of Syria (46 453), followed by Afghanistan (3156), Iraq (2,622), Pakistan (1,673), Palestine (711), Somalia (564), Bangladesh (381), the Congo (323), Nigeria (196), Cameroon (159), Eritrea (142) and Ethiopia (109).

According to the MIA, in the last 24 hours, no-one has followed through with their asylum applications, but from when confirmations began to be issued until today, 49 people have sought asylum

Yesterday at the Immigration Centre, eleven people were recorded to have applied for asylum. Four of the asylum seekers, a man, woman and two children, of which one of them has no legal guardian were cared for at accommodation allocated to them by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in accordance with the Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection.