What would the “Night of Long Knives” that Bozinovska is calling for be like?


The chairwoman of the commission for relations between religious communities, Valentina Bozinovska, appeared with a threatening hate speech and with a fiery rhetorics by saying that the gathering at the SEC’s offices is “The Night of the Long Knives.”

–I want to greet the defenders and to say that this is the night of the long knives, this night is the defining night one will show either his craziness or his common sense. To the last Macedonian traitor Zoran Zaev.A day will come when we shall say, “come brothers and sisters, let’s gather and let’s march, to see who will be our emperor and who will be the spy” – said Bozinovska.

Otherwise, “The Night of the Long Knives” is the name of the purging in Nazi Germany between 30.06 and 02.07. 1934 when Adolph Hitler’s followers performed a series of executions of political opponents.

In the operation also known as “Hummingbirds,” at least 85 people were murdered and thousands were jailed with the assistance of the notorious SS troops, Gestapo, and the secret police.

During those nights, Hitler activated the execution squads and performed a purgatory that promoted him into the supreme judge of the German people, he put the army under his control and his popularity arose among the middle class that was demanding “law and order.”

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