State of emergency due to flooding in eastern Macedonia


Dam Kalimanci began to overflow and after uncontrolled leakage of water, settlements along the river Bregalnica are in danger. There is a water flow of about 280 cubic meters per second from the dam, and according to the Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski, all that water go into river Bregalnica.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska today visited the most vulnerable areas in the vicinity of Shtip. As announced, Gruevski and his team will stay in the region overnight.
– We expect the water to overflow Shtip region and the water level to rise by a meter to a meter and a half around 8 pm. On this occasion, I urge all settlements along river Bregalnica, including part of Vinica, Shtip, Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, Kochani and other municipalities, to appeal to the citizens for an emergency evacuation from the ground floor, of old people, to relocate the valuables and livestock in order to prevent eventual damages and casualties. I call for immediate evacuation of all municipalities and settlements along river Bregalnica, because we expect a strong wave that will come from the dam Kalimanci – stated Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski, who urged people to help make the embankments.
At certain places in the Shtip region, Bregalnica overflowed and flooded weekend houses, auxiliary buildings and crops. About 20 patients from the hospital for physical therapy, which is located next to the river bed, are preventively evacuated to the Clinical Hospital in Shtip. Inside the hospital’s yard, as well as on few other places, the military set up mounds of sandbags. It is also critical in Novo Selo, while in the locality Chetvrti kilometar, the bed of river Bregalnica is spread about half a kilometer.





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