We must say to ‘Come’ and their elders, the Soros-style party of Zoran Zaev, that their  empty space has left behind empty words and empty heads, and their attempts are nothing but Monty-python style sketches, responds VMRO-DPMNE at today’s protest.

“We would like to welcome back ‘Come’, and all its members to the location where they left tons of garbage and rubbish before leaving for their summer holidays. We understand that they have a busy schedule, and that they are tasked under a different name of an NGO to fill the empty space, and with it they bring a lack of ideas and personality like their mentors from SDSM and the likes of Soros’s Mr Milcin, Mr Ordanovski and Mr Gerovski” reacts VMRO-DPMNE.

Their statement is a reaction to the NGO ‘Come’, who they believe are obviously backed by Soros and SDSM. SDSM and all their followers had camped out the government building at the beginning of the summer, in protest to the ruling party, and according to VMRO left the site in quite a mess, where today ‘Come’ had returned protesting the closure of the motorway.